Fifteen Pairs of Hands - 1996. Bruce Nauman.

ok I’m pooped night xox


really just want a veggie burger and chipotle and starbucks right now


'case you people need a reminder 

(my arm looks super huge in this photo wth haha)
The time in which I have known Joey, though it is not very long, has been absolutely incredible. He is such an admirable, intelligent, caring, glorious human being that I am honestly so honored to say I have any sort of affiliation with, much less be able to call mine. He has inspired me to be a better person and has shown me new ways of viewing the world, but that is not what I enjoy most about him. What I enjoy most is him as a human being. Not what he does for me, or how he is, but who he is as a whole. I admire him and hold him in very high regards, but more so I respect him. I look at who his is with utter awe and appreciation. He is honestly the most admirable human being I have ever had the honor of knowing and I enjoy every moment speaking with him and spending time with him. I have never felt this way toward another person before and it is utterly terrifying, but I enjoy every minute of it because it is with him. I see our relationship going very far and I am excited to experience things with him in my life.
Keep your head up, beautiful. We're all here to support you.<3

Thank you sweetheart<3.



Mr. Curiosity

Don’t FUCK with the BULL……….No.8
I in fact own the coolest wrapping paper in the world

cleaning my room, feeling like I’m gunna faint lalalala

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