My name is Cassie. Vegetarian, photographer, awkward, and an active hermit. I don't think before I open my mouth. Eighteen.

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I miss you and I wish you were here because I want you next to me and I want to run my fingers through your hair and curl up to you and be comforted by your smell

Ugh what’s wrong with mwX.

I apologize now for any stupid shit I may say. Tonight because idk what I’m saying or writng

Okay well fuck you too. See if I care. Whatva done over it you suck leave me alone

I’m tingly and giggly and fucked up YES

Anonymous asked: do you drink often? what are you drinking?

I just got drunk for the first time like Wednesday night I think haha. Today I had two Malibu bay breezes so I mean not too much. I’m actually about to go out and smoke and hopefully drink too

God I hate how much it takes me to get drunk